Sweater Weather: 9 Current Favorites

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Over the weekend I indulged in some over due retail therapy. Even though we've been enjoying the most mild and amazing fall weather here in Connecticut, it's only just a matter of time till the temps drop and when they do - at least my closet will be ready!

1. There's something so appealing about a waffle weave. This one's on sale!

2. Can't get enough of these "barefoot dream" comfort food you can wear!

3. Date night dress up while still staying warm.

4. Throw this chic cape sweater over almost anything and add instant chic.

5. Love the cross over hem on this sweater, even can decide if you like it best in the front or in the back.

6. A sophisticated cardigan will elevate your basic pieces.

7. Adore this shade of blue and the boxy shape.

8. A fun leopard print in an easy to wear silhouette.

9. White and chic with just a little edge.


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Home Tour: West Palm Beach Refresh

House Beautiful featured this West Palm Beach gem in it's current issue. Bold blues, fabulous light fixtures and an abundance of well placed textures and patterns immediately drew me in. Designer Jeff Lincoln let the owners entertaining Floridian lifestyle guide the design decisions here. The result is a timeless home with a lot of fun personality.

photos by Jonny Valiant


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Weekend Wrap Up

image via

The busier we are the quicker time flies. So in need of a relaxing weekend. Just want to press pause both literally and figuratively! Hoping to catch up on some much needed rest and full on tv binge watching.




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Home Tour: Pretty In Purple

Back in 2009 when I started this blog, I had a major purple obsession going on. Weekly "pops of purple" were a constant feature. Then, at some point I moved on... Well, this purple passion has been reignited after seeing these lovely spaces designed by Kay Douglas in Atlanta Homes Magazine!
Photographed by Mali Azima


From Classic To Contemporary - Decorating With Cullman and Kravis

The design firm of Cullman and Kravis is known for timeless, sophisticated interiors. Authors Ellie Cullman and Tracey Pruzan have realeased Cullman's third book, From Classic To Contempary: Decorating With Cullman and Kravis .

The book includes fourteen recent projects and offers page after page of inspiration for both the novice design enthusiast and professionals alike. A great read for those interested in understanding the importance of infusing traditional design elements with modern pieces and tempering modern projects with classical influences.

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